Jacksonville, FL is Florida's most populous city. Set in Duval County, Jacksonville is actually the larges city, by area, In America. That means there is a lot of different markets within this gigantic market to understand. Geography, demographics, populations, and population densities fluctuate by the mile. As such it is important to work with a commercial mortgage brokerage and multifamily lender that understands all the ins and outs of the Jacksonville market. 

Capital markets are flooded with money to place in multifamily projects and commercial realty. It is nothing short of irresponsible to depend on your local community bank for your financing needs when regional banks are fighting to lend money, CMBS lenders are pumping out non-recourse financing, and agencies like Fannie and Freddie are become more aggressive to compete with all the other lenders. Everyone is fighting to earn yield because of how little the U.S. treasury is paying and apartment building loans and commercial real estate financing are benefiting from it. 

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