Commercial Fix and Flip Loans

Fix and Flip Loans for Commercial Property Rehabilitation and Resale

While it may not be every real estate investor's cup of tea, investors who can successfully 'fix and flip' a commercial property-- i.e. purchase an aged or distressed property, fix it, and resell it for a higher price, can often reap significant financial rewards. While the fix and flip process isn't easy, many investors love the transformation they can create in a property-- sometimes in as little as a few months. However, to realize that transformation, they need the right funding, and, fortunately, we offer both fix and flop loans for individual properties, as well as fix and flip lines of credit for more aggressive, experienced investors who plan to fix and flip more than one property at once. 

Sample Terms For Fix and Flip Loans

Size:  $50,000 to $2.5 million (individual loans), up to $10 million (lines of credit)               

Term:  12 months (extensions are typically available)    

LTV/Leverage:  90% of purchase price, 95% of rehab, 75% LTV/ARV     

Credit Requirement: 620+ 


  • Generous leverage allowances; loans permitted up to 90% of purchase price 
  • Loans are typically flexible, allowing extensions if needed 
  • Non-recourse options are available 


  • Requires relatively good credit to be approved
  • Interest rates are higher than longer term real estate loans 
  • Some loans may be recourse, depending on the individual loan agreement