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Are you looking to buy your first multifamily or commercial property? Perhaps you're a realtor and you want to find out if your buyer is qualified, or as a seller you would like to know if your potential buyer is "for real." Fill out the short form below and we can give a very quick answer on the maximum loan amount and maximum purchase price that we, and other banks and lenders, can approve. The more information provided the better, if there is a property in question, including cap rate, property grade (Class A, B, C), property address/location, and so-on, this can help drill down more exact terms. 

When crafting a pre-approval letter, we consider all financing options and compare them to each other electing the absolute best possible terms from everything the market has to offer. Your pre-approval will reflect options including CMBS financing, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Regional Banks, National Banks, Credit Unions, Private Equity Funds, REITs, Life Companies and more. At the end of the day you will always have access to everything capital markets has to offer without the overhead of having your own dedicated team of international finance experts in your office. We do what we do better than the competition, so you can do what you do best... grow, allocate, and manage your multifamily and commercial real estate portfolio.