Association Profile: Apartment Association of Orange County

The Apartment Association of Orange County: Basic Information, Purpose, Facts, and More

The Apartment Association of Orange County (AAOC) is one of the largest apartment associations in the Southern California area. It is an affiliate of the National Apartment Association (NAA), as well as an affiliate of the California Rental Housing Association (CalRHA). Just like most apartment and landlord associations, The Apartment Association of Orange County provides members access to a variety of discounted landlord services, the ability to attend networking and educational events, easy access to forms, and certain other benefits. The group also publishes a monthly periodical called Apartment News, which seeks to inform readers about important industry updates such as economic and market trends, legal and legislative developments, educational events, and other information of interest to members of the apartment industry.

The Apartment Association of Orange County Discounted Member Services

One of the most significant benefits of joining an apartment association is the ability to get a discount on essential services. The Apartment Association of Orange County provides member discounts on services including Rentler, an online property management, tenant application, property listing, and rental payment service. It also provides a member discount for Livable, a utility management platform that specializes in providing ratio utility billing systems (RUBS) services for multifamily properties. For those who may not know, RUBS is a type of utility billing system used for properties that do not have submeters (i.e. individual meters for each unit). A RUBS system will divide the overall utility bill by the number of units in a building (weighting some units proportionally higher due to the square footage, number of bathrooms, and other factors).

The AAOC also provides discounted apartment owner’s income insurance through ReassureRent, which helps cover a landlord’s rental income when various disruptions occur, particularly non-paying tenants. In addition, the AAOC provides discounted tenant screening services that can help apartment owners avoid non-paying tenants in the first place. These services include credit reporting, eviction history, criminal and sex offender data, and verification of references.

The Apartment Association of Orange County Educational Opportunities

Just like many other apartment associations, the Apartment Association of Orange County provides a variety of educational opportunities to members. These include the Certified Rental Housing Provider Education Program, an 11-week course that seeks to educate multifamily professionals on issues such as property management, marketing, Fair Housing Act compliance, financial management, human resources, and liability issues, among several other important topics. They also offer a Certified Apartment Manager (CAM) course for those interested in furthering their education as professional property managers.

As a local affiliate of the National Apartment Association (NAA), the AAOC also awards one member a scholarship each year to attend the NAA’s Apartmentalize Education Conference.

The AAOC Also Sponsors The Multi-County Rental Housing Political Action Committee

It’s become commonplace for local apartment associations to create political action committees (PACs) in order to support candidates that they believe will enact legislation favorable to the apartment industry, and the AAOC is no different. Their PAC, called the Multi-County Rental Housing Political Action, specifically focuses on the areas of private property and business rights and generally supports city and county candidates for public office.

In addition to directly funding candidates for their PAC, the AAOC advocates for positive changes by voicing the concerns of the apartment industry to municipal and state officials. The association also invites its members to join the AAOC Legislative Council, which allows them to help the AAOC formulate policy positions and make strategic plans to better represent the industry at the state and local level.

Should You Join The Apartment Association of Orange County?

If you own multifamily property in Orange County and are interested in joining an apartment association, the AAOC may be an excellent choice. However, joining an apartment association isn’t for everyone; if you’re not interested in utilizing discounts on landlord services, or taking part in educational courses or networking events, it may not be worth your time and money.