What is ClickPay and How is it Used?

How Multifamily and Commercial Properties Utilize ClickPay

ClickPay is one of the most popular online payment platforms used by multifamily and commercial landlords and property managers. The system allows property owners/managers to bill tenants, while accepting payments via credit cards, checks, and ACH transfers. While the software is most commonly used for multifamily apartment properties, it can also be used for condominiums, cooperatives, and purely commercial properties. Many large property management companies currently utilize the software, including FirstService Residential, Gumley Haft, and a variety of other firms.

In addition to allowing for easy bill payment, ClickPay is designed to be easily integrated with accounting and property management software services, which can make it easier for property management firms to track the financial performance of their properties.

While ClickPay is a popular service, it’s far from the only option on the market. Other rental payment and property management software services include PayLease, RentPayment, and Cozy.