Lenders Bolster IRRs Using Warehouse Facilities and Credit Lines

Hard money and commercial real estate lenders often get stuck in a sticky situation in which they have a hard floor with how much they can lend money at or a hard ceiling with how much they can earn in arbitrage and servicing fees between what they are charging a borrower and what they have to pay their investors. We represent commercial, hard money, and residential investment property lenders with established track records and strong in-place cash flow either (a) monetize existing mortgage receivables or (b) create a new credit facility for future business. Click below to share some information with us and review your options with a lender finance specialist. 

Lender Finance Highlights and Terms 

Credit Facility and Warehouse Line Highlights For Commercial Property Lenders

Size: From $10,000,000
Term: From 18 months
Interest Rates: Starting at L + 300
Amortization: Interest only (accruing available) 
Maximum LTV: Generally up to 65% advance rates
Recourse: Full, limited, and non recourse options available. 

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