Bridge Loans for Fixing and Flipping Commercial and Multifamily Properties

Bridge Loans for the Rehabilitation and Resale of Multifamily and Commercial Developments  

If you're an investor who wants to sell one property, and purchase a new property to fix and flip with the proceeds, a bridge loan can help you buy the new property while you're still working on selling the one you currently own. Bridge loans are specifically designed to "bridge" the gap in time between two real estate transactions-- so they typically have terms of between 2 weeks and 1 year, giving borrowers the time they need to complete their desired sale. These loans usually require that borrowers have the financial capability to pay both mortgages at once, and a clearly defined exit strategy-- typically involving the sale or refinance of first property before the end of the bridge loan term. 

Sample Terms For Fix and Flip Bridge Loans

Size:  Varies

Term:  2 weeks to 1 year 

LTV/Leverage:  Up to 70% LTV 

Lender Fees: 

  • $500 typical appraisal fee

  • Other fees typically between 1.00 - 2.00%

Closing Costs:  1.00 - 5.00% 

Timing:  These loans can typically close in as little as 15 days 


  • Allows investors to finance two properties at once


  • High interest rates

  • High fees

  • Borrowers must typically have at least 20% equity in the initial property