Soft Money - The Hard Money Alternative for Multifamily, Apartment & Commercial Mortgages

You may be asking yourself, what is soft money? I'm fairly certain we here at, have coined that term. For more than ten years now, hard money has been the go-to source for multifamily financing and commercial real estate loans for people that need a fast close or people that have poor credit and need financing. Well, welcome to soft money. Asset based lending, for income producing properties or value-add bridge loans for income producing properties with limited or no focus on credit, and of course, a fast close. With the right property and the right deal you can now get hard money financing, at less disastrous pricing. Welcome to Soft Money Lending by

Sample Soft Money Terms for Multifamily and Commercial Property

Size:                    $250k and up.

Maximum LTV:    70%

Term:                   Flexible

Interest Rates:    From 7.75%

Recourse:            Full Recourse.

Credit Score:       No minimum credit score.